The Queen of Hearts
Gilded slumped dish on a fused glass stand
Slumped burgundy glass cake plate
'The All Seeing Eye', Slumped Glass Sculpture
'Zodiac', Slumped Glass Dish
Slumped Glass Urli
Slumped blue wave dish in glass
Forest Green, Glass & Metal Slumped dish
'Pears' Glass Staining
The Galactic Butterfly
The Chinese Dragon
Gilded textured slumped glass dish on a fused glass stand
An aerial view
'Inside Outside' Inspired By Frank Lloyd Wright
The Wind
The Lotus Pond
Butterfly in the garden
Louis Tiffany style panel
'Horse' Inspiration Byzantine
Hot air ballooning
The Tree
Peace on Earth
Fused Glass Panel, inspired by Amrita Shergil
Fruit of the Wine
Fused glass panel, inspired by M.F Hussein
Fish of the Sea
Fused Glass Panel, inspired by Impressionists
Fruit of the Wine
Black Swan, A Slumped Glass Dish on a Lacquer work stand, Art in Utility
The Peacock, A Glass & Wood Wall Mural
A Pate de Verre hand holding the Earth, set in Wood
Mother Earth, A Stained Glass Sculpture
Duality, A Glass & Terracotta Sculpture
Fused Glass Panel, inspired by Rosseti
The Garden
The Wanderers
Lord of the Universe
Different Religions, Same thoughts
'Ahmedabad' Van Gogh inspired
Fused Glass Decorative Wall Rack
Fused Glass Decorative Wall Rack
Fused Glass Decorative Wall Rack
Fused Colored Glass Paperweight
The Sisters, A Slumped Glass Sculpture
Stained Glass Globe Lamps - Tomatos Restaurant
Slumped Cold worked Glass Sculpture Many shades of Eve
Shibouri top in cotton
Hand painted panel skirt & Dyed top
Hand painted & sequin top in shot cotton
Cream handworked top with sequins, on a cream cotton cropped top
Cotton, panel skirt in Shibouri dyeing
Tie Dyed scarf in pastel shades
Raw silk top
Faux leather sleeveless Jacket
Shibouri dyed skirt & faux leather sleeveless jacket
Lurex woven poncho
Stained Glass Mural Size 8ft x 5tf
Stain Glass Table Light
Stained Glass Details of Sculpture Club
Stained Glass Sculpture CEPT
Hot Glass Profile cut, Fused Glass Buddha
Hot Glass Profile cut, Fused Glass Buddha
Engraved and sandblasted window in a bath area
Hot Glass Profile cut, sculpted,fused glass
Stained Glass Sculpture and Details Club
Stained Glass Panel Size 5ftx2ft
Stained Glass - Piller Lamp
Stained Glass Tomatos Lamp
Stained Glass Lamp
Shibouri dyed skirt in cotton
Shibouri dyed panel skirt with dyed scarf
Stained Glass Table Lamp
Blue Theme Stained Glass Lamp
Moody Blues Theme Stained Glass Pillar Lamp
Springtime Theme Stained Glass Pillar Lamp
Anthuriums Theme Stained Glass Lamp
Grape Vine Theme Stained Glass Dome Lamp
Coy Fish Pond Theme Stained Glass Dome Lamp
Magnolias Theme Stained Glass Dome Lamp
Blue & Green Stained Glass Dome Lamp
Spring Theme Stained Glass Dome Lamp
Stained Glass Arch Panel 2
Butterfly Theme Stained Glass Table Lamp
Stained Glass Wall Sconce
Stained Glass Wall Sconce
Summery yellow dyed panel skirt & cropped top
Shibouri dyed cropped top & bandhini dyed skirt
Faux leather sleeveless jacket, with a slim fit black skirt
Uneven hemline shibouri dyed skirt & cropped top
Handpainted top in pure cotton
Shibouri dyed skirt white cropped top with dyed scarf
Lurex woven poncho for a glittering evening
Glass Stained Ornamental Lam
Stained Glass Urli
Stained Glass Urli
Stained Glass Cube Lamp
Stained Glass Arch Panel 1
Alice - Through the Looking Glass, A Slumped Glass Sculpture
The Flower can
'Nude' 2
'Nude' 1
Under the Bridge
'The Dance' 5
'The Dance' 4
'The Dance' 3
'The Dance' 2
In the fields
Mother & Child
Face Study
Old Jungle
Tea Stall
What lies beneath
A Study of Wood
Still Life
'Pumpkin' 2
'Pumpkin' 1
Coral Reef
'The Dance' 1
Oil on canvas
Dance Balance
Octagon Bottle
Green Apple
Beyond Eternity
Cinderella's Coach
A Walk in Autumn
Chinese Brush Painting
Chinese Brush Painting
'Lotus' Work in charcoal
'Forgotten Tracks' Work in charcoal
Dance Balance 2
Oil on canvas
Center of Attention
Mother & Child
Onions in oils
Flowers in earthern pot
Nude in oils 2
Nude in oils 1
Potter in oils
'Feet' Work in charcoal
Flower in watercolour
A Glass Dress with a Stained Glass Bodice
The Transparency
The Transparency
Bowl of Apples exercise
Pyrography Pencil Holder
Pyrography Box
Mother of Pearl inlay jewellery box & hand mirror
Mother of Pearl inlay box
Leaf Motif Mother of Pearl inlay jewellery box & hand mirror
Marquetry Box
Marquetry box & hand mirror
'The Big B' Bag
'Great Legs' Bag
'WOW!' Bag
A Slumped Glass Sculpture of an Eqyptian Queen
Embroidered & sequin & rhinestone trimmed silk purses
Silk Clutch, Hand Painted with ornamented leaves
Handpainted & pearl beaded silk clutch with leather trim
Embroidered & sequinned on a tussar silk embroidered & painted silk stole
Peacock Embroidered silk clutch
Embroidered silk purse
Black Flower, embroidered on blue silk
'Diva' Bag
Inverse fretwork & lacquer work jewellery box
Rectangle Pot
Perspective Exercise
Bowl of Apples exercise
Old Cityscape
The Transparency
Bowl of Apples exercise
Nude in watercolour
Mouse in Watercolour
Bowl of Apples exercise
The Transparency
Autumn leaves
The Shade
Triangle Pot exercise
Rectangle Pot
Old Cityscape
Bowl of Apples exercise
Perspective exercise
Glowing flower